2020 Nov-Dec
Base metal prices were mostly high despite the fact that most of the world’s economies remained subdued under declining demand and decrease in operational capacity brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, China’s strength is directing prices across the base metal market, LME base met
2020 Sep-Oct
Base metal prices on London Metal Exchange were mostly on a higher trend signaling recovery signs in the global economy. Chinese production and sales of vehicle climbed five straight months indicating continuous improvement in the world’s second largest economy

Base Metals Market Sentiment Mixed On Conflicting Signals

2020 Jul-Aug
Global markets generally pointing upward in view of positive economic data indicating improvements in Asia and Europe. Base metal prices were on uptrend after positive reports drawn from industrial sector and vaccine developments. China’s industrial profits
2020 May-Jun
Base metal prices were mostly stable, but changes or fluctuations in pieces of economic news illustrated a differing aspect on global economic health. Strong trade data from China presented investors hope that some activity is restored in the world’s second largest economy
2020 Jan-Feb
Base metals started 2020 overwhelmed by trade disputes and geopolitical uncertainties however held with optimism brought by US-China phase one deal and weakening dollar. Middle East tension has cooled off, however, long-term effect over relations between US and Iran may still be a concern for trader
2019 Nov-Dec
Base metals generally shunned the positive outlook on world equity market that nearly reached its highest levels in almost two years, owing to the prospect of ending trade disputes between two giant economies. Base metal market is mostly well stocked which may not support prices. Demand has been par
2019 Sep-Oct
Market sentiment may continue to be skeptical on heightened trade war and the concern on the attack of Saudi Arabia’s most important oil facility owned by Aramco. Uncertainty due to conflicts between the world’s two largest economies has already slackened global GDP growth by 0.8 percent in the
2019 Jul-Aug
Base metal prices were mainly steady and slightly on uptrend over optimism on resumption of US-China trade talks, which the leaders of two giant economies agreed on during G20 summit in Japan. Yet during the meeting, US president Donald Trump committed not adding more tariffs on the remaining $350B
2019 May-Jun
Base metals on exchange houses may continue to fall amid further uncertainty on resolution of the US-China trade conflict. Most base metals dwindled on threats from the US President Donald Trump to increase the tariffs to 25 percent from prior 10 percent on US $200 billion worth of Chinese imports.

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