Mr. Sajid is one of the Directors of Sayed Metal and is in charge of Sayed Metal Sharjah. His keen involvement in yard operations, purchase and as well as in managing the team has maintained the company;s market share and constantly improves efficiency in the overall performance of the firm. He is a key contributor in achieving the groups mission and goals.


Ms. Mae is the Executive Directors of Sayed Group. She is actively involved in day-today operations of the firm and has been the key person in implementing Sayed’s strategy and steering its growth. She exemplifies sterling qualities of the company – innovative, service excellence driven, dynamic and customer focused. Her successes in running operations as well as her excellent project management experience make positive difference in all the projects in which she is involved. She has held several positions in Sayed Metal before assuming significant role of Director.

Her merits as a dedicated member of Sayed Metal have been widely recognized which has earned her best performer year to year. She holds degrees in Business Management and in Psychology and has passion to succeed the challenges of Sayed Metal.


Mr. Arish has been with Sayed Metal since the founding of the company. In addition to his role of managing operations of the company, he is responsible for new business development and management of existing clients. Because of his unique talents he is often assigned to manage critical projects at other companies of Sayed Metal Group.

He is also responsible for liaison and coordination with all the governmental authorities. His previous experience with the printing industry exemplifies his abilities in tactical solution development for the firm.

In his role he is strong catalyst in implementing strategic decision of Sayed Metal. His dedication to the firm has earned him several posts prior appointment of Director.